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  Each year millions of consumers which includes professional and amateur athletes, college and high school athletes, little leaguers, sports fans and workout buffs, all search for the right sports gear. This gear includes everything from t-shirts to athletic shoes. There are hopes that these shoes will help him or her run faster and jump higher, or even just make themselves look more intimidating than the person standing next to him, anything for the edge. That's how important athletic shoes are. What's equally as important as the shoe itself is the name of the shoe (the brand and sub-brand). A products name plays a tremendous role in that products success and/or failure.                                                       



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Brands are often some of the most valuable assets a company possesses. A brand is a unique marketing identity created for a product, product line, company, or even industry. Brands are associated with trademarks, trade names, and servicemarks.

An easy way to quickly establish a brand is to be the first company to offer a product or service, with athletic shoes and clothing, its a little late to be the first to offer these type products. Well, this is where new names and technology comes in. Offer products with good, catchy names, products with new meaningful technology.

Large companies frequently invest a great deal of time, research and money into choosing the name for a new product, often hiring the services of an outside firm that specializes in naming. The naming process considers such factors as;


  • Is the name easy to pronounce on hearing  and on sight?
  • Is the name easy to remember, a name consumers are familiar with?
  • Does the name invoke any negative or unfavorable associations?
  • Are the name's connotations consistent with the intended product?
  • What does the name mean or sound like in foreign markets where the product may be sold?




A brand needs more than identity; it needs personality, just like a person without attention grabbing characteristics, a brand with no personality can easily be passed right over by consumers.




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About Branding


Branding is perhaps the most important facet of any business.....beyond product, distribution, pricing, or appearance/design. A company's brand is its definition to the world.



Name Development

Thank you for visiting our site. Whether you're an established company, a brand new company or an established foreign company new to the United States, looking to "Americanize" we can help. When it comes to certain products, mainly sportswear and athletic shoes, names/brands are very important to consumers. There is a thing called 'brand loyalty' but when it comes to athletic shoes, there is a little twist there. Todays consumers are always looking for the next new product. There are several things that the average consumers looks for when shopping for athletic shoes today; Colors, designs, fit, technology, and of course, the brand and sub-brand.



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