JIT Urban Wear
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          JIT Urban Wear, Shoes and Accessories................Oh Baby..... Here We Come!



First, let's talk about the name, the name JIT has been around for many years. The name refers to many things....mainly, a slang term depicting young people, the guys and the girls. "Hey, check out the young Jits over there". You know you've heard the term "JIT" before. Then, there is music and dancing...."Do You Jit?" Dating back to the 60's the JIT dance has been in existance. Just last year the television show "So You Think You Can Dance" shot a segment of their show in Detroit surrounding the JIT and its history. Shown the longevity and popularity of the word "JIT" shows us a path for a successful line of JIT clothing, shoes and accessories (short and long term).

After viewing the videos, you will see why we are preparing to launch the much needed "JIT" clothing, shoe and accessorie line.

Check Out The Videos.

So You Think You Can Dance.

Monday Night Jit

Pioneers of The Jit

Jittin' Jesus

The Holy Jit Video

Jit Battle

Detroit JIT


JIT Workshop

Jit...Of Color?

Jit, Jit, Jit, Jit

After viewing all of the JIT videos, what did you notice in particular? You got it! None of the performers had the right clothing.......to do the dance or whatever it is you do, you have to dress it right!      

This is where JIT clothing, shoes and accessories come into play.