About The Nation
What Makes The Nation?


The True Fan Nation is made up of a large group of the worlds greatest fans from all across the country.

This class of fans is made up of men, women, boys and girls of all ages, nationalities and sports choices. Perhaps in their life time they will never have the opportunity to meet one another, their favorite teams compete against one other or their teams meet one another in a title game, but they all share one common denominator, Their athletic apparel, shoes and sports gear...

They only wear and use the best performance gear made...

We Welcome You.....

To The Nation.


THE True Fan Nation Mission:  The Mission of The True Fan Nation is to, through Sports, Clothing and Athletic Gear, inspire and motivate individuals to do what they do on a higher level and go far beyond  their own dreams and expectations.

True Fan Vision:  Through the manufacturing and licensing of our sports brand, build and position ourselves as a premier Power House of High Performance  Sportswear, Athletic Shoes, Leisure Apparel & Accessories to be known for many years to come across the country.

Core Values:  Professionalism, Athleticism, Integrity, Competitiveness and giving birth to dreams.